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Our digs in Winter Park

The well equipped kitchen at the hostel

The communal dining room and TV room and some lady from Tennessee

Looking up at the summit of Winter Park resort

View from the summit warming hut

Winter Park was fantastic! We spent two days at the Rocky Mountain Inn and Hostel following a recommendation from Let's Go, which in my opinion is the best damn travel guide there is. The place was an old bed and breakfast that now is made up of an inn on the ground floor and a hostel on the second floor. The rooms in the hostel were $19 a bed, and we spent $75 for a beautiful room in the inn. The room came with breakfast, had an excellent view of the mountains from its balcony and allowed us access to all of the facilities upstairs in the hostel. On Tuesday night, Sam and I ran over to the grocery store and bought some supplies to make some pasta and a salad. We shared our cooking and eating time with a group of Australians who had come over to work at the Winter Park resort and a couple of teachers from Tennessee who had stayed at the hostel every year for the past eight years.

Another beautiful aspect of the inn was that it was about fifteen minutes by shuttle to the Winter Park Ski Area. On Wednesday, I went out and snowboarded for the day and had a pretty grand time! The conditions were a bit icy, but it was still great to be on the slopes. While I was out, Sam worked on her personal statement for her OSU application and chilled out at the hostel. We spent the evening at a local restaurant called The Shed contemplating our long journey to Richmond, VA, commencing the next day.

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