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Hello all,

We arrived in Chiang Mai,after the hideous night train, basically we left booking our tickets to late and couldn't get a sleeper cabin. So we ended up being really uncomfortable all night, we thought that we would be able to read but they turned of the lights at 9.30 so we had a long and boring 12 hours. Then when we finally got here we got dropped of at the hostel that we had booked to find out that they didn't have our room. But it worked out ok because we ended up staying in a really nice hostel with a pool and everything which was cool. The first day we just mooched around a little already love chiang mai compared to bangkok it is like a breath of fresh air.

Then we went to our another hostel the next night called spicy thai which we love and plan to stay here a week. The first night we arrived at the new hostel we went out with a few of the people here and had a really good night but woke up the next day with a bit of a hangover butnever mind it comes with the job.We wanted to do the cooking course so we went with a few peeps from the hostel which was better i think. We cooked so much food its unbeleivable, luckily for us it was really easy to do aswell. However at one point nick got a bit confused and ended up doing the wrong thing a couple of times which was funny bless him but he managed to save his dish.

That night we went out cus one of the guys we met was leaving we had a good night again however nick got slightly intoxicated so we had to go home a bit early, by the way i am not supposed to be telling u this because he just wants to forget it he is still embaressed hehehe.

Anyway got to go there would of been pictures of the cooking thing but i forgot my camera so i will try to get some photos of someone else and send u a few.

Lots of love claire and nick x

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