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We had a quick flight to Seattle on a small commuter turbo-prop place. We were pleasantly surprised when the stewardess announced that as a treat, the airline was offering passengers a complimentary glass of estate wine or micro-brewed beer. We felt we were pretty lucky until the captain came on a few minutes later and warned us about turbulence ahead. The ride got a little shaky and the flight attendants weren’t even able to serve any beverages, let alone the promised complimentary ones.

There was time for a drink and a plate of nachos to make up for our disappointment at not getting the promised glass of wine. A very lively African-American waitress entertained us with her spunk and her accent and we knew for sure that we were in the USA .

Our flight to Denver was uneventful but the weather was very clear and we could see the Rocky Mountains clearly as we passed over them. They are quite a sight to see.

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