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Squatters toilet at Narita airport

Our trip went very smoothly. On the hour long bus trip to the airport we passed the port where the cruise ships (and other shipping interests) were docked. While passing through a very industrial area all of a sudden Cinderella's castle peeked over the horizon. Yes, there was Disneyworld!! On the bus we were given lots of times the translations were pretty amusing. "Do no use portable telephones as it could disturb the neighbors!" The check in, etc at the airport was so efficient. I guess that's what they are known for.

Cathy, there is a new toilet pic posted!! I had heard of these "squatters" but thought they were more for rougher areas. This was in a pristine bathroom (I think a swat team cleans the whole place after each visitor.) For my germ-phobic friends, this is a must-have item! I think users should go Commando to increase the efficiency of the whole procedure.

A seven hour flight is child's play to was not crowded. No one in front of us or beside me (Jim was on the aisle) Slightly less leg room was a small issue for a short period of time (until we realized the drinks were free!)

The plane had cameras on the nose and underneath. Not much to see except during take off and landing, but pretty cool.

The last hour seemed to take forever!! We had to get our luggage before we could exit, but had already spotted Jimmy!! I was distracted and did not get pictures, but the flowers throughout the airport were unbelieveable!! On the luggage carosels there were pots about 30" in diameter full of orchids!

Finally got my hands on my son!! That's what this whole trip was about! I tear up now just thinking about it.

It was 88 welcome degrees!! During the taxi ride we noticed that all the roads were lined with lush foliage as if a botanical garden was on the other side.

Checked into our hotel, "Orchid Hotel" and it certainly earns its name. And then walked to a little sidewalk bar "Bojangles" then had great pizza at a place a few doors down.

For those of you wondering, "what about the girlfriend," Jimmy broke up with her the day before we arrived. (the unanswered question will always be...How bad could meeting the parents be??) Anyway, I still had the zit on the end of my nose so just as well...

(Pam, Sandy & Nancy, don't get rid of those bridesmaid dresses...)

We visited with Jimmy. He told us so much about life here and Singapore in general. This is what we missed in Tokyo, having someone to explain little details to us.

On Thursday we headed out to Orchard Road (famous shopping area.) It is a series of high-rise malls. Had lunch at a little place that was inside one of the hip clothing stores. We wandered a little, but my companions were amatuers. Compared to Tokyo, the people were more casual (of course we are just a few degrees north of the equator) Among the Asian people, we noticed much more diversity. In Tokyo I guess 95% of the people were Japanese, where here there are Chinese, Malay, etc. Took the subway (what a breeze when someone else is in charge).

We walked down to the waterfront (Clarke's Quay) which is a row of bars and cafes often seen in pictures lit up at night. Ended up watching a soccer game in a pub (I am with my boys!) which was really pretty exciting. I did get a few pictures of a bar with (get this) an operating room theme!!)

Got back to the hotel just in time to miss a good thunderstorm. FInally got an internet hook up (but its not great, goes in and out at times). Had some Chicken Curry at the hotel, passed by the Karioke Bar where Kenny Rogers was blaring.

Plan to really get into the Tourist mode tomorrow, and fire up my camera!!

Bye for now from Singapore!!

ps Happy Birthday, Donna!!

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