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Hello, Chris here.

We are now in the city of Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta) in the center of Java. After Mt Bromo area we set off to the city of Surabaya. In short this place was a little bit nuts! It is the business area of Java and there were millions of people there, quite literally. When we pulled into the station we had a bit of a walk to try and find the accomadation which we had all earmarked (we were with the Canadians, and still are!!) After about 30 mins walking with heavy packs on we found the hotel which had just two rooms left. Next step, try to find a beer. Sarah and I went for a walk and there was not a drop of beer to be found. You know its bad when you ask a local 'Bir, Beer, Bintang' and he looks at you with a very blank face!!

After spending a day and a half in Sura, which was about a day and a half too long we got a night bus to Yogya. The bus picked us all up from the hotel at about 1900 and it was a 9 hour journey through the night to get to Yogya. The bus was pretty quiet which meant that we could all spread out and try to get some kip. Half way through the trip we got a phone call from Sarahs brother Ben telling us that he had just got engaged to his ladybird Janice. WELL DONE THE BOTH OF YOU!!!! We arrived wide awake at 0300 in the morning in Yogya and set about trying to find our hotel which I had sorted out for the lot of us. This was after we gave the locals on the bus a right good laugh when Sarah lost one, yes one of her flip flops on the bus!!! We spent 10 minutes looking under all of the seats for the elusive flip flop to only find that it had been devoured by the bus. I think that Sarah is getting as bad as me for loosing things! Que panic flipflop buying.

At about 0500 we finally got to the hotel and collapsed, Sarah with just the one flip flop! For the last couple of days we have been expoloring the city which is full of culture and of sights. We have visited the temple at Borobudur which is simply mind blowing (one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world no less). The stucture is made out of hand carved stone and is just massive. The area was a little on the touristy side and people seemed to be everywhere. This led to lots of rubbish left on the temple which just made you mad!! It was a really worth while trip which was made that bit more authentic when we all decided to get the local bus there and back which was chaos. The four of us were shipped on and off various busses for about 2 hours but we managed to get there in one piece.


NIBS (News In Briefs)

- We have found a Donut shop called 'J.CO' possibly the best thing on the planet. They have stores in Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur. Oh Dear. We had a Donut eating contest with the Canadians, Bryan and Jodi, the other day. We lost 6-4. Must try harder!!

-Sarah tried to give a coin to a blind chap that was busking the other day. Instead of throwing it in his jar, she managed to throw it at him (accidently!). In her words "He will never know it was me!!".

-Sarah has developed a couple of games to pass the time. These include 'Whats on the end of my finger?' (mostly a scab from her mozzie bites!) Another is 'How wide can you get your eyes open?' (a classic!) I am sure that these will catch on worldwide.

Off to Jakarta in about 5 days time which will be bedlum. Booked into a nice hotel for a couple of nights, well its the Ibis!! Hot water is something we dream of!!

Singapore will follow that. Should be great!!

Both really well (if not a little rotund after D'nuts) and having ace time.

missing everyone

Sarah and Chris

PS Well done Lindsey and Darren for getting married!!!

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