Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Preparing to embark on morning tour.

"Up a lazy river"

Baby cayman

Can you see the tree iguana?

Juvenile tiger heron

Anhinga drying its wings.

Up we go. Hard, hot climbing.

Sweaty at the top.


It rained, poured overnight - was a neat sound on our tin roof! Sounded like water bombs exploding on the roof.

We got up at 4:45am - took a shower and drank a cup of tea/coffee at the restaurant. At 5:45 we were in the boats to do a 2 hr. tour through some of the channels.

While I am writing this at 3pm howler monkeys are accompanying me with their howls. They really do sound like the wind howling.

On the boat tour this morning we saw a mature cayman with at least 4 young ones. Our driver discovered animals in the trees where we did not see a thing!

We saw monkeys, bright coloured toucans (a group of 5) being chased by fly catchers, tiger herons, iguanas. One of the iguanas we saw is called the Jesus Christ iguana because it walks on water. There were egrets, anhingas (look like cormerants) and other birds that I do not remember the name of. It was a very interesting tour.

On the grounds of the lodge we also see and hear monkeys; lots of hummingbirds and huge spiders. Behind our bugalow a big spider caught a butterfly in its web. It spins netting around the butterfly and it looks like it is sucking nutrients out of it.

After breakfast (from 8-9am) we got back into the boats and drove a short distance to do a hike. We chose to do the uphill route. The trail was not a neatly designed one - just what people had made during many hikes! It was steep and with all the rain we had it was muddy and slippery - and it was hot!

We were all sweating in no time - Brian of course was drenched!

We ended up at a nice lookout point and then went down again! Going down was even more slippery and we were covered in mud! It was good exercise though!

We saw some leaf cutter ants and very small red frogs, the size of a thumbnail.

These frogs have a poisonous substance that has been used by natives on the arrow points to kill.

Back at the lodge a shower was mandatory and I washed our clothes at the same time.

After lunch was a free afternoon. It rained - no poured - again during the afternoon and so we are taking it easy.

When it got dry, we went to the outdoor bar for a drink and a half hour walk.

Now it is 9pm and I don't know how to describe the rain. It is just a sheet of water coming down for an hour or longer.

We got caught in the restaurant after dinner without an umbrella and without our ponchos, all six of us! The six of us are the only english speaking ones of "our" group and so sit together at meals.

The lodge provides umbrellas - they were all gone!

One couple found a half broken umbrella. they went "home" first. He came back with his raincoat on and the umbrella. then the second couple took the umbrella, went "home", got a raincoat and brought the umbrella back for the last couple to go "home".

Lesson learned - in the rainforest never leave without an umbrella.

Tomorrow back to San Jose.

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