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Prague in the early morning fog

Prague Sunrise

Prague Balloon

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Guard Change

Prague - the city of famously beautiful architecture... and beautiful people...

Had a great time here... visited the castle and managed to interfere with the castle guards... which caused laughter on both sides. But I will only tell the full story after a few beers.. of which Prague is absolutely the best place.

Never really been so keen to get a beer in the evenings as here, and they are SO BIG and SO CHEAP (much less than water would you believe). The people are friendly and funny.

Went to the famous torture museam. They boasted an amazing array of instruments over 4 floors. I decided to see if they were all that they said, and I must admit I was a little sceptical having seen these sort of things before. Having said that, I have never visited a European torture museam, and when they do torture, THEY DO TORTURE.

When I felt the blood leave my face I was a bit impressed...

When the blood left my hands and I started feeling a bit overly hot I decided not to read the descriptions anymore... just look at the tools....

But then.. ok...I'll admit it... I thought I was going to be sick and wisely decided that it probably would be best if I went and sat outside for awhile.

Running down the stairs it occurred to me that I can't be the first and by the look on the doormans face, I realised I was of a normal woosy composition.

Anyhooooo..... I have decided I have seen all I need to see of these things for quite possibly the rest of my life.

Met up with my tour group here, which consisted solely of Aussies and Kiwis! A great bunch of people and we all enjoyed each others company straight away (which I'm told is not all that common).

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