Alice and Justin in Asia (again) 2007 travel blog

Bev tries out her wheels

Tracy and Bev on a drip






taking a picture of some people taking our picture


Left the Chedi early this morning and arrived in Singapore around lunchtime. Winston the driver picked us up from the airport and brought us back - Bev and Tracy had been away, so only Maria was here. We did some washing and mooched about, then when Bev and Tracy got back we went out on the town in Clark Quay. First of all we went to the clinic. Since we last were there they've acquired some golden wheelchairs that you sit in. It's really quite bad taste, but kind of funny. Bev wheeled herself down to the waiter to order drinks and he seemed quite cross about it - but if you're going to put cocktails and wheelchairs together what do they expect? We had a selection of cocktails - Bev and Tracy had one in a drip, I had some bottles, which were supposed to be baby's bottles but were more like coke bottles. Justin had the shots in syringes. We should really get a discount because a lot of people stopped to take photos of us!

We had some food, then more cocktails, then back home. The photos are really the best things so i'll leave you to look at those!

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