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104 degrees to 74 in an hour and a half and 60+ miles. Saw the state capital and was mere seconds late for a meeting with The Governator. After we got over the crippling disappointment of that, we went on to the best restaurant of the trip at that point, Fat Joe's, where i ate the most delicious burger of my entire life while waiting for seth to return from a 25 minute bathroom visit. Then, we found our way onto the campus of UC Berkeley. Seth and I left with nothing less than a feeling of just how unimpressive our current educations are. After deciding the best use for our degrees is kindling we headed up to Trader Vic's for the famous Mai Tai. In true New york fashion, we walked into a jacket and tie establishment and white trashed it right up with the clothes I'd been marinating in all day.... Can't wait for tomrrow, we can bring the Napa Valley down a few notches as well.....


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