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Monday 3rd September 2007 Weather:- Sunny -18 degrees

Had a fine breakfast at the hotel this morning and then it was time to get back into Elfie (the car) for our further travels.

Having good weather it was a pleasure to drive along the main roads in an effort for Herman to get familiarised with the new car. The country side is very pleasant with all the different hues of green; even the grass seems to be a softer shade.

The road system in Belgium is very good but as soon as we hit the Dutch border it improved even more. In the direction we were driving the traffic was flowing freely but we noticed in the opposite direction the trucks were bumper to bumper, still moving along at 100kl an hour though. It always astounds us that there are so many open spaces, for a country that has such a high population. The main Industry in this part on Holland seems to be agriculture. The fields are growing a high proportion of corn and potatoes. I was curious about the corn situation for in a country that is famous as potato eaters:-what happens to all that corn? Well, Lisette told me that the corn is mostly for the winter feed for the farm animals.

After a coffee stop in our travels we arrived at Lisette and Peters' place in Blerick at about 1:15pm, this town is Herman's birthplace so a lot of old memories will begin to stir themselves. A hearty welcome and a quick trip to the towns' internet library, we got there just in time as they were about to close. One of the regulars was kind enough to vacate her computer so that we could use it for the last ten minutes. After which we still had time for a quick look around. As everywhere in the world, progress is taking over but it is being done in a sympathetic way with the old blending in nicely with the new. No big advertising signs everywhere.

After a delicious dinner we went to visit Tante Ellie. Tante Ellie is Herman's' last living aunty and we are astounded as to how busy her live is, at 82y.o. and finding it very difficult to walk she had club all day today, after dinner we came for a visit, club all day Tuesday, out for dinner with us that night, club all day Wednesday (they are having a special conference) and of to the theatre on Wednesday evening. I hope that we are able to be as active at 82.

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