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view from our room at the hostel

Surfing fun!!

Crazy oz sand buggy



We got so insanely close to the kangeroos!

Hey guys!

Made it to sydney finally last night!! Hostel is ok but no air con so room was stupidly hot! Frenchie and I went for a meal to a bar that does a steak with mash for $5 which is like..... 2 pund!! Its awesome!! Started the "oz intro" thing today and omg talk about being bombarded with people, there was about 15/16 new people to meet this morning! We moved into the special oz intro rooms too lol which are lovely and have a view over the beach. Saw a man "playing with fire" on the beach last night too, he was putting on a little show which was quite entertaining. Been and done all the really touristy things today like Harbour bridge, opera house and the cruise around the bay....its was amazing!!! Such a good day!! Il post some pics soon as i have more time. There were loads of bats flying around too which was really random!!! Going out for a meal and for a few drinks with everyone tonight, there's too many people to mention but im sure as the week progresses il start remembering names!!

Have our first surfing lesson tomorrow,woooo! Should be fun! However from the info pack it sounds like we will be given wet suits, which is fine by me, but i think mr french is a bit upset he wont get to wear his new shorts. Its a moment he has been looking forward to but there'll be plenty more chances as we are literally living on the beach which is pretty nice!

Anyway off to get some food now!

Love you all

Steph xxxx

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