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I left Johor Bahru this morning at 10.30am and arrived in Melaka at 1.15pm. The bus was really nice, and there weren't many people on it. I watched the scenery as we drove along the roads. There are so many fruit farms, mainly coconuts. In fact, I started to get bored of seeing palm trees!

You get some good road signs too, unlike England where we have 'caution deer crossing' signs, here they have 'Caution Monkey' signs! But I didn't see any monkeys. Also, at most of their traffic lights they have a countdown in seconds for when the lights are going to change!

Melaka is one of the oldest towns in Malaysia, if not the oldest, it's pretty much the historical centre, and the buildings are a mix of all the different cultures that have been here, such as Dutch, Portugese, English, Chinese and Malay. I'm hoping to go to at least one of the museums as I want to learn as much about Malaysia as possible.

The owner of the hostel I'm staying in is very nice and friendly and has even helped me put together an itinery for the next 5 weeks that I'm here! It pretty much includes Taman Negara (the rainforest), beaches, one of the east coast islands and several other places, which you'll hear about anyway so I won't write them here!

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