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Wow, it has been an eventful week!

We've driven up the Great Ocena Road and seen the 12 apostles (great big rocks jutting out of the sea by a really picturesque coastline), been to Warrnambool, Geelong (Rob bought his didge there from the Narana cultural centre), Ballarat and of course, Queenscliff, the site of the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, while it isn't our story to tell, it was absolutely perfect. The guests were marvellous and we love Murray's family and we think they liked us too, the sun was out, everybody looked really, REALLY sharp and a good time was had by all. It felt wonderful, and Marianne didn't cry the whole day, saving for when all eyes were on her for her speech, when she basically sobbed out her feelings. She notes that it was an Oprah moment, but it felt good all the same :-) Congratulations, Carolyn and Murray, we are so happy and excited for you guys, especially as at this moment, you are likely enjoying a deluxe massage in a luxury treehouse in the rainforest of the north end. Wheee!

As for us, we spent the day strolling around Melbourne and buying stuff, which will have to stop since we hope to afford the rest of our trip. We understand that Melbourne is the shopping capital, so we're taking advantage wghile we can. Also, we feel we now look sharp. More sharp. Sharper. You get it.

Tomorrow morning we're off the thte airport again, heading for Alice Springs, in the centre of the continent. We're going to have to organize a trip out to Uluru, the famous big red rock out in the middl of nowhere. It's a sacred indigenous site and so we will not climb it. It's sort of the same as strolling through a mosque during prayers, it's a respct thing.

Gotta go, will update when we get to the next stop!


marianne and rob

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