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We decided to spend a few days sorting a few things out while we were in Erding. Firstly we needed to renew the tyres on the SEAT so found a local tyre dealer and got that sorted out.

Secondly while we were in Garmisch- Partenkirchen we had met another English couple Carol and Paul also on a travelling odyssey. While exchanging thoughts and ideas, Paul who works on the road, gave us a solution on how to resolve our internet issues. We have an English dongle for internet in the UK, with research we were able to get an unlock code from our provider for a small fee. We were then able to get a pay as you go German SIM card for data which when put in our unlocked dongle meant we had internet access at last. It also meant now whichever country we go in we can get a local SIM card for the dongle. Thank you Paul. Wished we had thought or discovered this earlier.

With easy internet access we were now able to do some research on going forward and also get up to date with a number of outstanding items.

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