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Church in Mittenwald

The courtyard of houses





Church in Seefeld



Our old hotel

Again the weather on the mountains was not good so instead we headed first to Mittenwald and the Seefeld, Austria.

We had visited Mittenwald before but only after a hike in the rain from Seefeld about twenty years ago. The town has some of the best examples of Luftmalerei or building murals. They were everywhere in the town. The most striking were the murals on the church and in the courtyard of houses behind it. In addition there was a lovely wood carving of a violin as the town is famous for violin making.

The town was very pleasant to wander around and we stopped and tried one of the local pastries which were like a mesh of sweet pastry and very nice. Not sure what they were called.

From Mittenwald we drove just over the border into Seefeld, Austria. We had visited Seefeld twice in the past. By this time the sun was shining. We enjoyed a wander around the town and the local lake. We also found the hotel we had stopped at and paused to have afternoon tea. They had renovated it several times but the wonderful chef who had made lovely small pastries was still there!

We returned a different route back to base to discover that our campground side of the mountains had not seen much sun all day so we had been lucky.

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