Ed & Marion -Yuma bound 2018-19 travel blog

Heading North

Feb 10 -13

NO , we are not coming home, but are heading north some 500 miles to Zion National Park in Utah on a 4 day bus tour.We booked 2 bus tours two weeks ago not thinking about the weather…..then the *hit hit the fan with plummeting temperatures across the west! Going north into temperatures where 4 and -4 is in the forecast is not to exciting!

We were going to call the travel agent tomorrow to see if said trip was going to be canceled since there was a 10 inch dump of snow that just fell in Zion! She called this morning confirming this trip, I asked her about the snow up there and she replied “dress warmly” so I guess we are going.

I dug out my winter gloves, scarf and toque and say ”bring it on”Ha Ha

So we are heading north back to Mesquite Nevada,(overnighters) and another 100 plus miles thru Zion and around the area to Kanab prior to returning to Mesquite and then a tour of the Valley of Fire outside of Vegas and a another stop in Henderson at a chocolate shop. We leave early on the 10th and return later on Feb 13th.

Both destinations were on our to do list but never seem to work out so we booked these bus tours ensureing we will actually now see these places. Hoping Zion is not covered in snow disguising its “awesomeness” but it will be what it will be. The altitude that the Valley of Fire sits at is much lower,hopefully eliminating any threat of a snow covered experience.

The next bus tour in March will take us m u c h further north….. stay tuned.

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