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Eroded granite

Leaving Porto. Note the gum leaves

Mountain goat

Two little pigs

My birthday started with our group singing Happy Birthday at breakfast and a card with messages from all in the group and has ended with dinner tonight and a special bottle of wine.

So a short entry tonight and unfortunately no photos because the connection is too slow.

We travelled north today initially inland but then along lovely coast then inland again as no coastal road right around but we came to an area where we all got off the bus and walked the next kilometre or so to take in the magnificent rock formations of the red granite. Just wish I could send those photos to describe the scene.

We reached Porto, a Unesco heritage site, and lunched there and our guide Isobel suggested that we take an inland route through the mountains rather than returning by the outward route.

Tremendous drops, soaring mountains and on the way we met goats and pigs out grazing. The pigs are very keen on the chestnuts which are just staring to fall. Very high in the mountains were tall pines, apparently the same type that grow in Finland. Here we experienced a little rain or perhaps it was just that we were very close to clouds.

We leave here in the morning for Calvi initially heading inland on the main road. So far Corsica has given us fantastic scenery.

Hope to be able to post photos but suspect it might be the same problem throughout Corsica.

With a population of only 330,000 and very scattered settlements, it is amazing that there is WiFi at all.

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