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We started our plans for visiting Colombia in February and March 2018 by booking an Aeroplan rewards flight home from Bogotá in May 2017. It was a bit of a long shot for us, especially when you consider we rarely make firm plans for travel so far in advance.

However, we had a chance to fly all the way home on Premium Economy/Business Class and the comfort was too tempting to resist. In the end, everything worked out just fine. Our only concern as our departure date approached was the weather conditions in Toronto. We’ve seen horror stories unfold when spring storms hit the east coast and hundreds of flights are delayed or cancelled.

Our usual weather luck held fast and we landed to clear skies and relatively mild temperatures at Pearson International Airport, though our flight was a little late and we missed our connection onwards to Vancouver. The airport was relatively quiet early that morning and Air Canada staff quickly rebooked us on another flight just an hour later. We were fortunate that we had a two-hour stopover in Vancouver, so our flight to Victoria was ‘business as usual’.


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