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Last view from our window

So for the last time the pa system burst into life with a far too happy song. Luckily we had already got up so were ready for the level of cheeriness.

We packed our bags for the plane and left them at the door ready to be taken to the airport. Off to breakfast for the last time and we said goodbye to our waiter Louis and tipped him for a job well done.

After breakfast we collected our last bits and made our way to the exit and said goodbye to all of the crew that had made the last few days so great.

Then into the panga for the last time and made our way to the shore of Baltra island where the airport is situated.

We landed and waiting for the air conditioned coach - air conditioning means that the driver had opened the windows!

A few seals basked on the top of a boat for all the world like they owned it. The coach turned up and we made our way to the airport to collect our bags, check in and wait for our plane. On arrival we noticed that a plane was ready to go and all of the people got on. Worryingly our plane was not there so Alison and Bob were slightly concerned as they had a tight turn round at Guayaquil so any delay could be an issue. The guys that had boarded then got back off after about half an hour and our plane then turned up but was stuck in a queue behind this apparently broken one. Then there was a call for the guys to get back on and away they went leaving our plane free. After boarding we took off sitting behind one of the groups that had been with us on the boat. Their youngest child had been a bit of a brat throughout the trip and this flight proved no different. She screamed, kicked the seat in front of her, threw her iPad across the floor and tried to break her glasses. The mother did the only thing possible and started praying whilst her daughter started acting like the girl in the Exorcist. Eventually the father decided to help. He moved next her from the peace and quiet of the seats across the aisle and promised to buy her a present! Good parenting skills all round I think. Then I felt a drip of water and realised something was leaking from the overhead luggage compartment above me - where my bag was. I called the stewardess and she helped by pointing at the water and saying that something was leaking! I despaired and so I got up and look in the compartment. Fortunately it was not my bag and the liquid had not got inside the bag. The strap was soaked but with the weather so hot it would not take too long to dry. The stewardess then found a leaking water bottle and asked around as to who owned it. Amazingly no one got up or said anything. I went to the back of the plane to dry my bag off and when I returned she told me that a chap had said it was his but had not got up to look or help. She pointed him out and I tried to speak to him but he just kept his head down and did no want to engage. I thanked him for his help and hoped that his camera and equipment was not too badly damaged. Some people!

Anyway by the time this had all happened we were coming down into Guayaquil and off we got to find our bags and get to the hotel to collect our other bag, repack, freshen up and go back to the airport.

Alison and Bob's bag came through and they ran off together to the hotel asap. We got ours and followed. In the terminal only one driver was there and he had waited for us as well so we all got in the minibus and urged him to get a move on. Back at the hotel Alison and Bob went to the room as they did not have long before their flight and we dropped our bags in the room and went for some lunch.

Alison and Bob came down and we had a sad goodbye as they went back in a taxi to get their flight to Columbia.

Such a great time and it now felt like it had gone in a flash. Then off they went and left us on our own for the first time in four weeks. A strange feeling indeed.

After lunch we had a chat with Claire and Alec then went up to the room and sorted our bags out. Then off to the airport again in the hotel minibus and queued up for our flight.

We thought we had time to see Alison and Bob but the queue was long and it took ages to get through. We just saw their plane backing off and head down the taxi way and off into the sky for the continuation of their holiday.

No KLM about yet but the crew had appeared so we thought there was a good chance we would be going on time.

The plane landed and lots of people got off. Then lots of people turned up at the desk to check in. It turned out the flight had already landed at Quito and dropped people off plus picked up more who were going to Amsterdam. They then had to get off, go through security with their bags and queue up again. Apparently if you were business class you could stay on the plane. Typical - oh and we could not get an upgrade as they had already filled the business class seats so we were in for a long flight.

Eventually we boarded and set off on the long trip home.

Surprisingly we both managed to get some sleep so with our heads down we headed back across the Atlantic to Amsterdam.

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