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Kalispell to Lolo along Flathead Lake.

Day started out bad, rain rain rain

Farmland along Flathead Lake

People love living along the lake

Lots of small marinas line the lake shore

Great place to go boating

If you don't have a boat, rent one.

Some rugged rocks along the highway

Flathead Lake is rimmed by high mountains

The road is winding along the lake shore

Flathead Indian Reservation

Still raining on our southbound trek

Raining through one of the small lake towns

Salish Kootenai College

Walkway over the highway to the College

Still raining

Going to be raining for a while

Yeah, looks nasty

On the Reservation, signs are in the Flathead language

Some signs have translations

Wildlife Bridge over the highway, Animal Trail

Bison along the highway in Lolo, MT

Bambi, your mother is looking for you.

Well, the helicopter dream fell through, so we are on our way to Missoula today. It was drizzly all day and stopped long enough to set up at Lolo Campground. We needed some warm comfort food for lunch so went to Applebee’s.

I had been having some pretty bad knee pain lately so we went to a “Walk-In” bond & joint clinic in Missoula. I had checked with Frank & Linda first and it is a place they have used. After an exam and a couple x-rays, the verdict was Arthritic Knees. I decided on getting a cortisone shot in the left knee. They gave me a CD of the images for whoever will see me in the future.

We later went up the hill to spend the evening with Frank & Linda. We ended up playing a cutthroat game of Mexican Train Dominos. Lots of fun.

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