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Rheine, Germany!

That is, the car taxi to the flight to Dusseldorf, the five trains to Rheine complicated by partial rail strike and the taxi to Briggie's house. Whew!

After our joyous reunion and resting up, made a car rez on expedia in town so we can all move around…great price…but no mini van as advertised due to demand from aforementioned strike. This resulted in a multi lingual exchange worthy of Abbot and Costello in which, due to strength of the idea of my reservation, I think I am getting a vw toureg sitting right there but I wind up with an upgrade to a bmw 480 d or something, which is racy great, but waaaaay too small ….allooooo, fritZ!! two kids, three adults, 4 cases, four backpacks and two violins…alloooo! So I go out with this thing in hopes of later downgrading to a more useful less rocketlike vehicle which keeps trying to brush my teeth as I delight in its perfectly intuitive gps instructions worthy of the matrix.

Two hours later, we are back and the lot is replenished by trip-complete commuters, we can choose from some Nissan Sheetzou or a Mercedes wagon. Well, do you suppose we took the Herman Munster mobile at 20% the going German rate?

Ja vol, bitte!

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