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Scarborough Castle Ruins

Room in the Barton Constable Manor

Room in the Barton Constable Manor. Who picked that color of yellow?

Dining room of the Barton Constable Manor

Barton Constable Manor

This chair is made out of a horse. It was one of...

Beer wall in Bruges, Belgium. Over 1000 breweries in Belgium.

Canal scene in Bruges.

Bruges street scene from the top of the Bruges Belfry.

Bruges canal

Grand central market square in Bruges.

This dog hangs out in window all day. Most photographed dog in...

Bruges canal scene

Scene in front of The Chocolate Line, one of 49 chocolate makers...

Our last few days in England were spent along the east coast in the resort town of Scarborough. We enjoyed unusually nice weather so it was perfect for walking along the coast and riding bikes. Scarborough looks and feels like any beach town in the USA. There is a small amusement park and miles of small shops selling flip-flops, beach balls and cotton candy. We rode our bicycles along an old railroad track turned bike trail to the town of Robin Hood Bay. The town is very Victorian looking and the road leading to the harbor was so steep I had to walk my bike back up the hill. Of course, Richard was able to ride up even though he did swerve a bit. Richard celebrated his 58th birthday in Scarborough eating a huge ice cream sundae. We also toured through the Barton Constable Hall which is an old English country manor that looks a little bit like Downton Abbey. The manor dates back to the 12th century with additions added throughout the years. The owners still live in a part of it but have opened it for visitors because it is too expensive to maintain. In fact, our campground was located on the grounds of the manor. The manor has many rooms with original furnishings. One of the docents was an elderly woman who actually worked for the family as a servant. She had some good stories to tell about the parties held in the manor.

We boarded our ferry back to Belgium from the town of Kingston Upon Hull. It was a 14 hour ferry ride and it was pretty rough so we didn’t get much sleep even though we had a sleeping cabin. We are now in the town of Bruges, Belgium. All of the guide books list it as the number-one don’t-miss-site in Belgium. Even though it is October, the streets are full of tourists. I would hate to see what this place is like in the summer. The town looks a little bit like Amsterdam with old Victorian houses built along canals. There is a grand central market square where all roads lead. Belgium is famous for chocolate and there are 48 different chocolate makers in Bruges. About every other shop is a candy shop. Belgium is also famous for beer and there are over 1000 different breweries in this small country. Belgium is a great place to bicycle with bike paths everywhere. We cycled 45 miles out to the coast and back and most of it was on traffic-free bike lanes with only a small portion on roads with bicycle lanes. This is a huge contrast from England which was not as bicycle-friendly and has a lot fewer miles of bicycle paths. Our next stop is Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital. Less than two weeks remaining on our European adventure.

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