John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Some days we rest. We have done a great deal of driving (riding) the last three days. Today, we take it easy.

Our RV Park is on the edge of town. It is a short ride to the supermarket. We check out a gift shop. We pick a Fly Fishing Shop. We book a float trip for tomorrow in Idaho. It is not far away.

In the afternoon, we see the IMAX Yellowstone movie. We learn about the history of Yellowstone. We enjoy the show.

The RV Park owners notify us that the electricity will be out tonight from 1:00 to 5:30. I think he said that the city is putting in fiber optics. The entire town will be out. Guess we had better get John’s backup 12-volt CPAP machine ready.

Campground: Yellowstone Grizzly RV

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