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Day 71 - Mon Jun 13 Fussen, to Rothenburg

(Chris) First off, I've got to say this is the first night I've slept all the way through the night in ages. It was fantastic. Thank goodness for antibiotics.

Today the plan was to take a bus ride up the "Romantic Road" to Rothenburg. This special bus goes along a route with the most historical sites, and stops at the biggest ones. It is recommended by Rick and sounded pretty cool. We also get 60% off with our Eurail pass.

Our driver Gunther picked us up in Fussen, and gave a brief introduction in English. Then, as we arrived at each site of importance, a recorded message came on, first in English, then in Japanese. The problem was, the sites weren't that interesting, and when they were, the stops were really short, only long enough to hit the can or get a quick bite to eat. Also it rained cats & dogs on one 20-minute stop, Jen stayed in and I went out and got totally soaked. Oh well.

Finally we arrived at Rothenburg. Rothenburg is an old (very old) walled city, with 3 sides on a cliff (sort of like Toledo except it didn't suck). We checked into our hotel, dropped off our stuff, and went on a walk around the ramparts of the wall (essentially a high walkway up on the top of the wall, but only on the side that is not a cliff). Then we took the Night Watchman's Tour. This was really cool, this guy (we figure it must be his 'full time' job) is dressed up in some old clothes and has a really big bladed weapon (like a pike? On a staff), and took this enormous crowd through a short walk, talking about how things were back in the middle ages. He was exceptionally funny and interesting at the same time. During dinner we did some napkin math and figure he probably brings down E75K/yr. Which ain't bad for 2 hours a night, 9 months of the year! (

We had a mediocre Italian dinner, picked up our laundry at the hotel, and dozed off. I finished the Princess Diana book called "A Royal Duty" which was excellent. I was skeptical at first that it would be a wimpy chick book but it was not. Thanks Jen.

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