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Main Street Vang Vieng

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Our Room Complete with Noisey Geckos and Leaky Roofs

Today we woke to the worst weather so far on the trip. The rain was pouring down when we got up and kept on all morning, just relented and allowed the blue sky to appear as we got into Vang Vieng. We were picked up from the hotel at 9.50am to get the bus that left Vientiane at 10.00am. After picking a few other people up we got to the bus station at 10.05, luckily the bus was still there, unluckily it was still there 20 minutes later. We left the bus station at 10.25, sped long for 10 minutes, then sat waiting for another group to join the bus. So instead of leaving Vietiane at 10.00am we finally got away just after 11. The roads we traveled on were the worst we had encountered so far, full of potholes, until we hit the mountain roads, which were just as bad but very windy and undulating. We arrived an hour late, in glorious sunshine. We walked from where the bus dropped us to hour guest house. Vang Vieng isnt that big and everything in the centre is walkable in about 5 minutes. We approached the guest house with some trepidation as we had read some very poor reviews about the place in the last few days. Yes it is the worst place we have stayed in so far, but seems ok, they have upgraded our room at no extra cost and although basic, it is central (everywhere here is) and the shower is as good as we have had. We dropped off our things, had a beer in the guest house bar and set off to explore Vang Vieng. First we checked out where we had to pick up the inner tube for our day tubing down the river tomorrow. We then checked out the Aussie bar, where we also had lunch, then we checked out another bar where we sat and admired the view. Vang Vieng is a strange place, it's as if they have picked up the worst resort on the med, that is full of young yobs and transported it to one of the most picturesque places they could find.

We wandered back to the guest house, I cught up with a few emails, while Angie lay in the hammock on the balcony, then came back into the room to have a sleep, she is so lazy.

Then it was out for the evening, our guest house is on the main street, although there are only 2 busy streets with a few roads running between them. We strolled down the street found a busy restaurant, I had chicken in lime and she had a macaroni cheese, of which she ate half because her stomach is still not right. Not too much beer tonight as we are tubing tomorrow.

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