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Fishing boat on the canal

Malcolm and Gem

Oil Rig on the Canal (blocked all other boats as it went...

Sunset coming into Ismailia

Fancy motorbike in Ismailia

A woman in Ismailia

Yacht club Ismailia

Leaving the canal at Port Said


Following the fishing boat

Surf and breakwater.... End of the Nile

Port Suez to Rashid 10 July through 13 July

The pilot came on board about 12 and off we set to Ismailia which is half way along the canal and where we have to stop as it takes 8 hours to get to Ismailia. It will be another 8 hours to Port Said.

Bak sheesh is the Egyptian word for bribery. The pilot asked Lars if he had any Viagra to give him! We thought that was the most unusual bak sheesh of the trip! He was quite a large man and when he started to get off the boat he tried to use our new gangplank. One foot on and a large CRACK was the end of the gangway that Rick had been making for the last few weeks. He jumped off again very quickly!

Ismailia is a lovely spot with some beautiful old colonial houses that are left over from when they built the canal. The President has his summer palace here and many Cairo people come down for their summer holidays. There were many more people around than when we went through in May. Had a day to restock the boat, look around Ismailia and find a new shop to buy some beer. It has proved quite difficult most of the time to find any alcohol.

After finishing the canal at about 2pm at Port Said we dropped the pilot and sailed off towards Rashid on the Nile, a hundred nautical miles to the west very near Alexandria. Rashid or Rosetta as it was known was where the Rosetta Stone was found by Napoleon's army. The stone was the key to being able to read the Hieroglyphics. The stone itself lies in the British Museum. Rashid is also on the Nile so Lars had a vision of taking Jennifer a little way down the Nile.

After a night avoiding many fishing boats we arrived outside Rashid about 3pm. Lars knew the entrance was very tricky and wasn't sure how we would get in. We found a fishing boat outside and at their suggestion, followed them in. Unbelievable scary entrance with a sand bank with breaking surf and a breakwater! We went in under motor hugging the breakwater. I hope the photos do it justice.

Much commotion on the small dock with the soldiers not believing a yacht was in the river. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos. We were allowed to stay over night but were not allowed off the boat and had to leave first thing in the morning.

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