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MS Wildlife Expo - Kind of a shock for someone who doesn't...

A camo dog tent-just what every hunter needs...

At the RV portion of the Expo

Gena's birthday dinner, with her parents, Lue and Bill

The Birthday Group (I took the picture)

The old locomotive

Terry, MS (old) train station

View from one of the single-lane bridges

This really IS Mississippi-bullet holes in the single-lane sign

2nd one lane bridge

Can you smell the creosote?

Bonnie, so excited about her new friend

Come on Tilley, hurry up -

Maybe she'll play chase with me -

I could be a farm dog, yes I could

Barron and Susie-Q

Her new dress from'Aunt' Linda

Susie-Q modeling her new dress

Lulu not certain about Susie-Q's new dress

Lulu gives Susie-Q a tap on her fanny

Gena and her grand-dog

Barron - she Loves the pool

Ok, concentrate as this is a little hard to explain:

Our son, Doug, lives in Jackson, MS. He lives near his maternal grandparents, Lue and Bill Barron. David is Lue and Bill's Ex-son-in-law. Lue and Bill graciously accepted me as part of their family and we visit them every summer. Bill and Lue have a daughter, Gena, who has a daughter, Barron, and a husband, Ron. In the past, our daughter, Leigh, visits at the same time during the summer with her husband, Bobby, and two girls, (our granddaughters) Amber and Michelle.

Still with me?

This summer due to our trip out West, we were not there at the same time as Leigh and her family. However, we are going to meet them at an RV Park in Virginia Beach for a celebration of Leigh's Birthday.

We always enjoy spending time in Mississippi. The welcome is so warm, the people so down to earth, the days very lazy and time spent, somehow - perfect. Gena had a birthday while we were there so the whole crew went to Macaroni Grill for dinner.

Bonnie went without her leash most of the time and I think she really was loving being a 'farm dog'. I called to her one time and she came around a clump of bushes, leading Tilley the horse. Bonnie was so excited - she had found a new playmate! Tilley was very patient with her.

This year, there are two new additions. Lue has a kitten, Lulu. She is a black calico and simply full of life! Barron has a tiny Chihuahua named Susie-Q. What a little doll! She and Bonnie got along and played. Lulu plays with anyone and anything that comes her way. She is not afraid of the two pit bulls, Patches and Buddy...or Doug's black lab, Sabbath. David had so much fun with her, he wanted to bring her home.

We went with Doug to the Mississippi Wildlife Expo. I actually looked at mounted deer heads - and took a picture of them. They were all lined up on a wall for judging. The Expo was fun - even a booth with jewelry, and some RVs on display. There was a doggie clothing booth, so I got a cute little 'bubble-dress' for Susie-Q. She looks so adorable in it! Barron and I also put some of Bonnie's pink earrings on Susie-Q's ears and she was, well, Stylin'!

Doug took us to his new place of work. He is the sole service mechanic. He has an air conditioned work shop and he seems to really be enjoying working there. We met his boss at the Expo and he was so nice.

Doug also took us for a tour around Jackson. I had said how pretty the scenery was, so he took me to Terry, MS. There is an old locomotive and an original train station. The tracks go over a viaduct. Leaving there, there are two single-lane bridges...both very old. Quite an experience. We had such a good time on our visit!

I am adding pictures, so if you are interested - they are here.

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