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View from room to US side

Falls from room

US falls on boatride

CAN falls on boatride

Rainbow Bridge

Street scene

Night Street scene

In front of Ripley's

The Hershey Store

Sky Wheel artsy shot 1

Sky Wheel artsy shot 2

Falls at night

Wow- what a difference! The Canadian side is much better. We booked a room at the Sheraton on the Falls and what a view! The only thing that we would change is the weather. It's raining....alot! So, we grabbed lunch at where else, but the Rain Forest Cafe...great food, great service and a whimsical atmosphere for Charlene. We continued to immerse ourselves in the wetness by taking a boatride on the Maid of the Mist. It takes you right up to the base of the falls and gives a little history and facts about the falls. They issue a full length plastic rain coat to everyone, but I'm guessing it would be a whole lot more refreshing in say "July"!

After the boatride, we walked around the area in search of cigars for Rod and as we headed up Clifton Hill we couldn't help but feel like Universal Studios invaded Ontario. Oversized 3-dimensional statues on every other building. (Frankenstein, Spiderman, King Kong etc.) And the biggest darn ferris wheel we'd ever seen.

We found the elusive cigars and headed back to the hotel to dry off. As we were standing at the Starbucks in the lobby, a controversial figure appeared. Rod looked up to find a very famous football player walking toward him. Are you ready for this? "OJ Simpson"! Rod's jaw dropped which almost got in the way of him say "It's OJ Simpson...nice to meet you". OJ said hello and shook Rod's hand. I know alot of people may have a hard time still seeing him as a record holding football hero; However, for that moment that's all that mattered to Rod.

We headed up for dinner here at the Sheraton. The buffet was outstanding! We got there a little too early to see the lights come on at the falls, so we went back to our room and grabbed our coats for a little stroll. If we couldn't see the falls lit up during dinner then we'd do the next best thing. Watch it from that giant ferris wheel! I knew the pictures wouldn't come out by taking them through the glass of the enclosed seats, so I took some artsy shots of the wheel instead. I tried to get some night shots of the falls when we got back to the room; However, I haven't quite figured out how to get sharper images when shooting at night. The more I use the zoom, the harder it gets. ("My Kingdom for a tripod"!)

So here's our advice for visiting Niagara Falls:

1) Stay on the Canadian side in a room with a view of the Falls

2) Be prepared to spend some money

3) Give yourself more than 2 days to check everything out

4) Try to make it when the weather is warmer

5) Scope out the package deals for the activities in and around the falls

6) And don't'll need a passport in 2007

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