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Packing all our gear up for the next 3 days

Our Jeep on Fraser Island, this beach went on forever!

Our group

Lake Wabby (i think!) gorgeous sand dune.

Back on the highway and bumping around!

Dinner, oh my god the barbecue was huge!

Partying on the beach, yeah a tad tame! - Tess (Sweedish), Linda...

Me doing fire poi for the 5th time, and i didn't burn...

Er...getting stuck, not by me this time! It's more fun anyway!

View from Indian Head, just beautiful - probably my favourite on Fraser

Ceris (Welsh), Me and Petra (Sweedish) waiting for the others to get...

The shipwreck. Awesome!

My turn to have a should have seen their faces when...

Posing again whilst teaching Tess poi on the beach

Tess, perhaps the best beginner i've ever seen. She was an absolute...

Set out for 3 days of cruising around this huge sand dune island in a 4X4, with a group of 11, and it was just so beautiful. But, wish i'd been with a better group - as i'd have had more fun with others but that's just the luck of the draw. 2 sweedish girls and i had a great laugh dancing around on the beach acting like drunken fools but apart from them, and 2 german girls, the others - mostely couples - were pretty lame and went to bed so early! Did fire poi on the beach and didn't burn myself!!!

Drove the monster and yup got stuck in the deepest sand ever which is acutally more fun than driving, but disappointingly no funny stories to tell...apart from almost colliding head on with another 4X4 going equally as fast around a bend. Hey ho.

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