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Local vendor

Michelle practicing her riding skills

Ladies working in the rice fields

Landscape at My Son ruins...Hoi An

My Son

My Son

Fishing boat just off the beach near Mui Ne

More fishing nets

Now we know why alot of clothing is made in Vietnam. This cool little town is stacked with boutiques ready to make you anything from socks to a three piece suit. There are craft stores and art stores, trendy little restaurants and fancy little pubs selling...even holes in the wall selling .20 cent draft!

Michelle got a Cashmere Suit, 3 Shirts, 2 Dress Pants and a pair of knee high boots made exactly to fit me for a grand total of $150CDN. I got 2 Pairs of Shoes, 2 Dress Pants and a Jacket made for him for a total of $120CDN. We loved Hoi An but definitely had our fill of constant fittings and alterations. We ended up having to buy another duffle bag to get it all home.

Hoi an even had a beach a short bike ride away. We enjoyed the beach only once and for good reason...on the way back, Michelle's chain broke and I had to tow her back using a sorong as a rope! The locals got quite a kick out of it...I've seen them doing crazier things than that!

When planning our trip out we'd decided that we were going to take anywhere from a year to two years and head home when we were sick of it or when the money ran out. SE Asia has been crazy cheap and at this rate it would probably take us a couple more years for the money to run out and I cant say that we're necessarily 'sick' of traveling but we figure that we've hit a point where it's become a little less challenging and exciting and starting to take a turn to the same stuff in every town. Could be that it would be different in another Continent but we've decided to header home and pretend to be grown ups for awhile. We figure we'd like to get to Turkey and Peru in the next couple years in a fresh and appreciative mind for travel. Its been an amazing journey and I think that Tyler and I are as surprised as anyone that we made it through together with no bruises, scars or missing limbs. We're ridiculously excited to come home, the hardest part of traveling has easily been being away from everyone. We fly into Malaysia on May 3rd (Tyler's Birthday) and we fly into Vancouver on May 19th. After a couple weeks in Vancouver / Comox and a stop into Pentiction to see family we'll be driving out to Stettler to see if we can find some jobs. I'm gonna try my hand at Barrel Racing and Chicken Raising. We'll have at least one more update on the site after Malaysia then we'll be shuttin her down and you'll have to talk to us for real YEEEYAAAAYYYYAAAYAYAYAAAAAA.

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