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The fun way to get to Germany’s highest mountain the Zugspitz(2,962m) is first to take the cogwheel train which takes you from Garmisch to the Schneefern glacier on the Zugspitzplatt plateau just below the peak(2,600m). In order to do this we got up early to catch the 9.15am train from Garmisch. We arrived at the station with just under half an hour to spare but on buying our tickets we were told that the 9.15 am train was already full and the next train would be at 9.45am. We were in no rush.

While we waited we chatted to a family from Hong Kong and also a German couple. The train was packed. The train travelled through the valley to Eibsee and then climbed to Riffelriff and then through a tunnel to the plateau. Daisy spent the journey being made a fuss of by the German couple.

Arriving at the plateau we started to explore and also admire the views. There was some snow around but not as much as we expected. As we walked Daisy was in her full mountain dog mode and amused quite a few of the other visitors by chasing around and rolling in the snow and standing looking at the view. It was a very barren and harsh environment but if you looked closely you could find the odd alpine plant struggling to survive. The surrounding views were stunning.

After exploring the plateau and glacier we then took the Gletscherbahn to the Zugspitz summit. The cable car gave superb views over the plateau and the surrounding mountains. On reaching the top we found that there were people everywhere but making our way around the various viewing platforms we got great panoramic views of both the German and Austria mountains and valleys. In fact the top had two viewing platforms one in Germany and one in Austria with a now abandoned border post between the two.

It was time to head down by taking the Eibseesibahn cable car back to Eibsee. However due to so many people up the mountain that day they had just introduced a reservation system for the cable car which was not very well organised. Fortunately we only had to wait just under an hour.

The cable car down was well worth the wait as firstly it was like going down in a lift it was that steep. The views of the mountain and the valley below was unbelievable particularly the turquoise blue of the Eibsee lake.

We arrived at the bottom in good time to catch a train back to Garmisch. We had all enjoyed the day enormously despite the delays.

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