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Blayde and his mommy resting after we returned home from the animal...

Blayde had a very long day today… actually, it started last night.

Wednesday night:

6:00 p.m. Blayde sees his mommy take his food bowl up from the kitchen floor. “Why did my mommy just take my bowl away? What does she mean ‘no more food for you until after your oral surgery’? What is oral surgery?”

Thursday morning:

6:00 a.m. Blayde sees his mommy take his water bowl up from the kitchen floor. “Now what is my mommy doing? What if I get thirsty? And what is this oral surgery she keeps talking about?”

7:00 a.m. – “Oh boy! Mommy and Daddy are taking me for a truck ride! Where are we going? Do we get to eat breakfast when we get there? I think Mommy forgot to feed me this morning. May I have a drink when we get there? I’m thirsty!”

7:30 a.m. – “Oh – oh! We are that place where they give me my yearly tests and shots. I don’t think I want to go in there. Mommy, hold me and don’t let go. Please, let’s go eat breakfast instead of going into this building!”

8:00 a.m. – “No, no, no… don’t take me away from my mommy! Mommy….!”

The staff at the animal hospital took Blayde away from his mommy and daddy to prepare him for his surgery. This involved a blood draw, lab work, an exam and dental x-rays. We knew that two of his tiny top front teeth had come in so tight they were overlapping and had consequently become decayed (despite frequent brushings and attempted flossing), but Dr. Macmanus also discovered (after some probing and further examination of x-rays) that Blayde had a slightly decayed back molar with an abscess. Therefore, three teeth needed to be extracted. Dr. Macmanus and his staff were very kind, but firm, and sent Blayde’s humans out of the office so Dr. Macmanus and his assistants could do their job for Blayde. Finally, at 2:30 p.m. (it seemed like FOREVER), Blayde was once again united with his loving humans.

Blayde is doing fine. He now looks like a little “hillbilly” dog with two teeth missing in the front when he smiles. He has a lot of tiny sutures in his gums (which will take a couple of weeks to dissolve) but between his pain medicine, antibiotics, and lots of loving care he is recovering well.

The first thing he did when we brought him home was to drink his allotted 30 ml of water (per doctor’s orders we had to start slow on water due to his still being groggy from anesthesia) and then he stretched out on the floor to snuggle with his mommy. (Blayde and I promptly dozed off for a bit and of course Willis took a picture of us lying there snoring together…ha–ha… the joke is on Willis… you can’t hear us snoring in the picture!)

9:30 p.m. As Blayde snuggles here on my lap looking up into my face and giving me sweet baby licks/kisses I can hear him say, “Let’s have a more normal day tomorrow Mommy. I don’t want to do anything but be loved on and eat my food…by the way, why did you soak my food in water and make it all mushy soft tonight for supper? Also, no more talk of ‘oral surgery’… okay?”

Happy Travels,

Rebecca (and Blayde)

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