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Ava in pajamas enjoying the grass one last time before leaving Heber...

Heading South, the terrain is changing.

Getting close to Moab.

Our campsite, kind of barren, but the scenery is nice.

A new section of campground, it is hot and windy.

Moab was on our agenda as one for the National Parks we wanted to visit while in Utah. We are at yet another KOA campground. They assigned a spot the very end of the park. It's a new section with no grass or trees. The temps are at 100 degrees so we will be running the air conditional day and night. We will be here for 3 nights.

We love our trips with the kids. But---just imagine, two adults, two kids, two dogs and two gophers in a 32 ft space for a couple days because it's too hot to do anything outside. Kids don't want to go to the pool because its crowded, adults really need some adult time. kids getting homesick, and dogs just want a place to lay and not get stepped on! We will survive....just might be a little grumpy at times.

We have TV, books and Ipads. A little prayer for patience will be appreciated.

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