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Our McLobster sandwich – Yummy!



Drive along Highway 114 across Fundy National Park.

Our campsite. That gray space between the truck and the trailer is...

The Bay of Fundy as viewed from the campground about 20 yards...

The village of Alma and its harbor on Fundy at high tide.

Salmon River near Alma at high tide.

Lobster boats in Alma Harbor near high tide.

Flowers and home in Alma.

Dinner Elena fixed with the mussels we purchased at the dock-side shop.

View of the Alma “harbor” at low tide. Alma is called a...

At low tide all the boats in the harbor are in “dry...

Quite an amazing site to see the harbor “dry up” twice a...

The tide is about 36’ in this area of the Bay of...

Each boat has a special prop set under it to keep it...

(Ron Writing) At noon we stopped by the weekly Farmers Market in Sussex. They had a very good variety of food booths, a few farmers selling meats and vegetables, and a few craft vendors. Elena found some fresh veggies and meat, I found a fresh sticky bun. We also purchased a few interesting food items from the booths and called that our lunch. Just before going over to the market we shared a lobster roll from McDonalds – I guess we are really in the heart of “lobster country” when even Micky D’s is selling lobster rolls!

We left Sussex heading east on Highway 1 they southeast on Highway 114 to Fundy National Park. There are three campgrounds for RVs in the park. We drove all the way across the park to the Headquarters CG located right on the Bay of Fundy near the small village of Alma. We had a choice of sites with full hookups (CA$35.30) or with no hookups (CA$25.50). We took a site with no hookups (US$22.19). The national parks also charge a daily admission fee of CA$7.80 per person. That makes the total cost to camp here US$35.76, significantly more than US national parks with similar no-hookup sights.

We got settled in our campsite and then went for a long walk down to the bay and around the village of Alma. Elena bought a couple pounds of mussels from a seafood shop right next to the dock. We had a delicious dinner!

We walked around by the docks where there were several lobster boats. It was near high tide at that time. This evening we looked down at the village from our campground on the bluff and saw that the tide had gone out – way out! Those boats next to the dock weren’t even floating any more!

As mentioned above the camping fees in Canada are somewhat higher than in the US. We find that the price of most things is higher but at least there’s no tax on food purchased for home consumption. Restaurant food and almost everything else has a 13% sales tax in New Brunswick. Each province sets its own sales tax rate which is added to the national sales tax.

The weather was beautiful. The Bay of Fundy was fogged in when we arrived at the campground but later the fog lifted for awhile so we actually were able to see the bay.

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