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Our first view of Fundy this morning. Tide is quite low and...

Another view of the Bay of Fundy.


Big Salmon River valley near the Bay of Fundy.

Suspension footbridge over the Big Salmon River.

There are many wildflowers all along the Parkway.

Some brave swimmers in the Big Salmon River. Looks too cold for...

The fog stays thick over the Bay but here just a couple...

Salmon River

More wildflowers.


Looking at the Bay from the mouth of the Big Salmon River.


Looking at the Bay from one of the overlooks along the Parkway.

Back where we started the drive. Note fog has lifted here and...

At low tide this morning people were out exploring sea caves under...

Lobster boat unloading today's catch.

Large containers of lobster unloaded from the boat.

Catch is transferred to the smaller blue boxes setting on a scale....

Some of the big guys fill the box in a hurry.

The 100# boxes and some ice are loaded in the back of...

Elena wanted this one but our pot's not big enough!

Another boat arrived with its catch.

A few customers came to buy a lobster or two for their...

I don't know how good the fisherman's boat is but he does...

(Ron Writing) We left Saint John, NB this morning heading east on Highway 111 to St. Martins. There we stopped at the visitor information building to get a map before continuing east on the Fundy Trail Parkway. The parkway extends about 7 miles right along the Bay of Fundy. This road is much like the Blue Ridge Parkway in that it was built simply for pleasure driving. They’re still working on it and eventually they plan to have it extend all the way to Fundy National Park. It’s a nice slow drive with many parking spots, viewpoints, picnic areas, and an interpretive center at the end of the road by the Big Salmon River.

Ideally we would have had spectacular views of the bay and Nova Scotia to the south, however, we mostly saw fog when we looked out over the bay. That was a little disappointing but the weather was great and we got to do a little hiking. It was sunny most of the time along the drive since we were on a high ridge above the fog layer.

As we returned to St. Martins two lobster boats came into the harbor to unload their catch for the day. Each boat was met by a small truck which purchased the entire catch. About 100# of lobster was loaded into each plastic crate, weighted, and loaded onto the truck. Ice was shoveled over and among the boxes before the truck was closed-up for the drive to Ellsworth, ME.

From Saint Martins we headed north on Highway 111 to Sussex, NB. We arrived late this afternoon and decided to spend the night at Wal*Mart.

I asked a couple teenage boys in Wal*Mart if they knew of any WiFi hotspots in Sussex. They told me where to find four of them within a couple blocks. We drove over near one of them and got yesterday's blog posted and also caught up on emails and other internet work.

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