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Although we had visited one of the smaller gorges in the area, today we decided to visit the larger and better known gorge- Breitach Klamm. We arrived fairly early for us and already there were plenty of cars parked.

The gorge started wide with high cliffs then slowly it became narrow with overhanging cliff faces and just enough room for a narrow walkway. Due to the number of people it got a bit crowded at times, particularly as it was two-way traffic! Daisy coped with the walkway except she didn’t like being on the side close to the water! In some places the river was quite a way below carving its way with some force. Occasionally there were some interesting sculptured pieces of wood stuck on the rocks across the river.

At the end of the gorge we continued on the path by the river. At one point there was no natural path just a metal walkway which Daisy found quite difficult as it was open mesh. Our path then climbed out of the river valley into alpine meadows before we returned downhill to the car park.

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