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We are almost back to Texas! We have stopped for the night at Sunrise RV Park in Texarkana, just off of I-30.

It was another uneventful (thank goodness) day of driving! We went through some stretches of construction on I-40 that had me gritting my teeth as I maneuvered between concrete barriers and guardrails… you know what I’m talking about… those narrow construction stretches that have signs posted “Trucks wider than 8 feet 6 inches detour now!” They might as well read, “This area of construction is so narrow that if you SNEEZE while driving you will DIE!” However, we got through and all in one piece… although I really do think my hair grays a little bit more every time we go through one of those stretches of road/bridge construction.

We are now looking forward to a visit with my parents for a few days. They just got back from an RV vacation so we can all share some “road stories” with each other when we see them tomorrow. Hopefully there is no construction between here and there as I don’t need anymore gray hair!

Happy Travels,


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