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The flight to Sydney left Fiji at 9am. We were told to be there three hours before. That's customary for international flights in large, busy airports, but we couldn't imagine what would take so long in the small, but modern Nadi airport. We left our hotel just before 6am and were checked in by 6:30. Immigration and security were fast and efficient. The Fijians clearly recognize how important tourist dollars are to their economy and go out of their way to make us happy. We could have slept another hour, but it would be madness to miss the flight; the check-in desk closed an hour before the flight. We were glad that the Fiji Airlines website was also incorrect about the baggage allowances. We have three large suitcases and now that we aren't flying Business Class, we expected to be charged for the extra bag. The clerk slapped the tags on all three suitcases and wished us a good flight. We made good use of the free airport wi fi and were delighted that we even got something to eat on the four hour+ flight. Neither of those things would have happened in the US these days where the airlines are squeezing the blood out of us turnips.

Our Sydney hotel is within walking distance of the harbor and tourist hot spots and even has a laundromat. From what we've read, all our Australia hotels will have laundry facilities, much appreciated on such a lengthy trip. This afternoon we purchased a sim card so that we can make unlimited local and international calls for the entire time we are here and get a bit of data as well. We hear that since tomorrow is Good Friday, many stores will be closed. We're not sure how this will affect how we spend the day, but we have no real agenda and have fond memories from pervious visits. We'll be here again after the tour is over and will be able to retrieve that third suitcase that contains mostly cruise clothes.

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