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Red footed Booby

sooooo cute

Frigate Bird

Good spot by Irene

We are nearing the end of our trip now so we are getting very sad.

Today we had a lay in till nearly 7 o'clock. What joy it was when the music started coming out of the pa system - morning has broken I believe!

First thing today was the chance to go snorkelling with the hammer head sharks. I was so excited as Irene decided that she did not want to go but would be happy for me to go. So off we went with the excitement of little children. Dressed in our wet-suits with flippers and goggles at the ready.

Into the water I went and the first thing I saw was a white tipped reef shark but alas my go-pro was not switched on - learning point for the future always be ready as you never get a second chance. Still there would be more, surely?

I spent the next hour floating along humming the jaws song to help bring the sharks up but to no avail. Not one hammer head seen. So sad. I saw lots of other fish and a diamond backed ray (I think that is the right name) but not what I wanted to see. When I got back in the panga others had seen a few so at least I swam with them. Back to the boat to find that Irene had gone out on a kayak with one of the guides and was at the far side of the volcano edge looking at all of the seals and fish they could see. Eventually they got back and we had a lounge on the poop deck or some such place and watched the world go by nursing a beer. Lunch was good again and then we had a trivia quiz where we had to remember things from the trip. We ended up in a tie for first but failed miserably in the tie break as the others all had longer arms so could reach the bell that we had to press without moving. Still an honourable third place for the four of us and we even received a prize. Watch out for secret Santa this year!

The we went for a walk around the top of the volcano for a last look at the birds and seals with the hope that we might see one of the rare owls that live on this island.

Three groups went out and we were the last. They had all wandered off and we came along at the back. All of a sudden Irene spotted one of the owls which was just standing there staring at us. Our guide and everyone else had missed it and after we had taken lots of photos the guide called the other groups back as they had not seen any so far.

Really chuffed with this find and we got loads of photos of all of the birds we could see. Also we had seen the fur seals that again had proved elusive up till then. So a good day all round - apart from the hammer heads :-(

Back at the boat we started to pack for the next day but had the final dinner and captain's cocktail evening to look forward to. It was very nice and lots of kind words said about there team and us.

So with a final look out for sharks and proposes outside we had a night cap and retired to our room to get up bright an early the next day ready for the journey home.

Good night :-)

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