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New York City (NYC) has a spaghetti subway system with little information, little space, a lot of heat, a lot of dirt, and a LOT of people (some of them quite dirty, too!). Having said that, we still managed to make great use of it to get us everywhere we wanted to go.

We have been staying in New Jersey, rather than New York. Just a 25 minute bus ride directly from our hotel’s front door right into the centre of Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Station (right next door to Time Square).

Prices for hotels in NYC (and even New Jersey – but not quite as bad) were exorbitant! We didn’t know why when we booked a week or so back. We just assumed it was because this was NYC. Well, it probably was, but to add to it, there was the New York Marathon this weekend and demand was through the roof. Hundreds of thousands more people were here.

Anyway, we really liked our location. So easy to get in and out of the city. Our hotel room was a mini suite, with a separate lounge room. Nice.

There was certainly more schlepping done here. We only had 2 days here to get through all the major sites.

Day 1 (Saturday), we covered a lot of ground getting to Times Square (easy – next to the station), the Chrysler Building, Central Park (a lot of it), the Empire State Building, and a number of museums. Mind you, we didn’t go up the Empire State. It was $85. Ridiculous. A photo from below would suffice. But we did go to a bar in the building itself and have a refreshing cider. 

On Day 2 (Sunday), I wanted to go to the Belarusian Church in Brooklyn as I had never been there before, even though I’ve been to New York before. We were warmly welcomed by the clergy and stayed back for a coffee and a chat with some of the lovely ladies.

I even got to put my broken Belarusian into use and didn’t do too badly. (I rarely get to speak it anymore).

Anyway, the ladies were very helpful in giving us directions to get to the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free, by the way.

So we went there as well.

Then onto the 9/11 Memorial and also to the park/walkway that used to be a disused rail line in the Meat Packing District.

So, this morning is my last chance to do these final 2 blogs for this trip. We have a very long day ahead of us. We fly back from New York via LA and Sydney. That’s about 20 flying hours, and 6 or so waiting around between flights at different airports. Of course we have to get to JFK first. And we’ve already been warned that many of the Marathon runner/visitors are likely to be vying for the same buses to JFK. So, we’re leaving plenty of time for queuing for a bus.

We’ll be back home on Wednesday.

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