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Going North to go South to Kalispell

North on Hwy 95 towards Pend Oreille

Crossing the long bridge over Lake Pend Oreille

Native American Artwork

A tie-dyed Hippie Store on the side of the road

Lots of farmland

Long train of Oil Tankers heading south

This was a REALLY long one

We were crossing so many rivers

Bonner's Ferry, time to turn east

Casinos on Indian Reservations

So many lakes

What? Is that a scarecrow ??

No, it's KISS !!

Looking for Elk in this lovely meadow - no luck.

Montana State Line - just a Time Zone Marker, no Welcome

The Yaak River

Kootena River Country

Possibly the Kootena River?

Passing through the city of Troy, MT

Mountain pass

Libby, MT

City of Eagles, Libby

Want to buy some antlers?

An Osprey nest

Snow or Glacier topped mountains

Lovely scenery

Again farmland and meadows

Cabins along the lake

Want to get away from the crowds?

Kalispell lies in the Rocky Mountain Trench


Today we left early, having to go to the city dump before traveling. We decided to take a scenic route today, first north through Bonner's Ferry then south east past Troy and Libby down to the Kalispell Elks Lodge.

The scenery was forest & mountain views following along the Yaak River. As we passed through Libby, there were several very large statues of Eagles around town. They claim to be the City of Eagles.

On arrival at Kalispell Elks, there were plenty of spaces left. We were concerned because this is tourist season. We settled in and went to lunch.

When the lodge opened we went in for a drink and to pay our donation. They have an Athletic Club and these facilities are available to the RV’ers when you pay a deposit for the key. They have showers, a workout room with equipment, Raquet Ball courts and even a Jacuzzi. (Oh Boy, happy Larry)

Later after a light dinner, Larry went in to enjoy their Jacuzzi and I walked Daisy, visiting with Murph & Ginger, who we had met while staying at Coeur d’Alene Elks. They have two small Chihuahuas, one of which Daisy was totally enamored with and would not leave her alone. It is so nice to come across another dog that she can play with.

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