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Bolsolver Castle

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Middleton Top High Peak Trail: Old railway turned into bike path

Poole's Cavern: Stalagmites

Horney Devil statue located in fountain of Bolsolver Castle

On our way east to York we stopped by a "Transport and Country Fair", aka old car show. There were lots of old British cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors and anything motorized. Kind of fun looking at some different old models that you will never see in the USA. However, what the British drive today are pretty much what we drive. The British are like Jekyll and Hyde when they get behind the wheel. In person, they are the friendliest, sweetest, and most helpful group of people we have encountered on our entire trip. But when they get behind the wheel they drive like maniacs. They drive way too fast, pass when it isn't safe and love blowing their horn. I think all that in-person sweetness builds up and they just explode. You don't dare walk out in front of a car because they don't stop for pedestrians.

We are now in the city of York which is a delightful place to visit. It is big enough to provide lots of entertainment, shopping, and attractions but is still very manageable. York is a walled city and most of the buildings inside the wall date back several hundred years with cobble stoned streets. It makes for very interesting walking with little alleys,footpaths and walkways between buildings. They call these narrow little walkways "snickelways". There is a lot of folklore around some of the snickelways, too. Mad Alice Lane is where Alice murdered her husband and she was later executed. Her ghost still walks through the snickelway even though we did not see her.

York's pride is the York Minster or cathedral. It took over 250 years to build and is famous for its medieval stained glass windows that date back to the 1300's. The cathedral was built on top of a Roman fort and is the location where the roman emporar Constantine converted to Christianity. Over the past four months we have visited so many churches and cathedrals that we are in church-overload! The buildings are architecturally fascinating and the stories behind the buildings are all about power struggles, money and control over the people.

The other big attraction in York is the National Railway Museum. It was actually quite interesting with all kinds of old restored trains including those used by the English royalty (queens Victoria and Elizabeth). It was a huge museum with giant halls filled to the brim with train artifacts.

The York Food Festival is happening now and adds to the fun. It is kind of like the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival with lots of food stalls featuring local foods. One of our favorites has been an English bread pudding. The English really like their sausages and pork which isn't too good for a couple of vegetarians!

Leaves are starting to change and autumn has arrived. We had a couple days of Indian summer which were wonderful but for the most part it is cloudy and cool.

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