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Kevin having a doze

Enjoying the sunshine

The coach and car in the sun

Kevin, Linda, Tony and Kevin's Dad and Miria

Continuing to chat

Tuesday morning saw us formerly moving back into the coach. It felt a bit like when we started on our North American adventure but not quite as bad! At least we were just putting back in to place all are stuff rather than trying to figure out where we needed to put things.

We then spent two and half hours shopping at the local Tesco Supermarket to re-stock the larder! Heather who is not a great shopper had to take a break half way through to get her sanity back!

We cooked our first meal in the coach and spent our first night in our own bed for the first time in 9 weeks. Heaven! We really appreciated and say thank you to everyone who put us up while we were "homeless".

Wednesday saw us a lot more organised and now able to have visitors. Kevin and Linda with Kevin's dad and his wife became our first visitors. Kevin and Linda had stayed with us one summer for a holiday in the Canadian Rockies in our previous motorhome but this was the first time they had seen the Phaeton. After the "tour" we all sat and enjoyed the unseasonable sunshine.

So good to be back in our little condo on wheels.

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