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Hello all,

We had a great time in VV. Pictures will be up soon. I'm just wrestling with this computer. Vang Vieng is the tubing capital of Laos. Basically it's a pub crawl in a tractor inner-tube down the Mekong. You float along minding your own business while bar staff throw plastic bottles on rope out to you with the hope of pulling you into their bar. Each bar tends to have its own slide, swing, zip wire or floating cushion. I had a few goes on the swings and slide and have to say it was brilliant!

We took it easy as we had heard a few horror stories but still partied and looked after one another. We went in to a bar run by an American who gave three free shots is you could hit a treble twenty on the dart board. I hit two with my first two darts, the glory went to my head and I shanked my third dart into the five after looking away. Old habits die hard hehe. But six shots were bagged.

VV was very much like a British holiday-makers Spanish destination but it's good to mix up the culture, sights and landscapes with some good old fashioned cheesiness!

Laos is certainly harder to travel around. The roads are the worst we've encountered and the buses stop for and any Tom, Dick or Changy, to make an extra buck. It's frustrating but we've met some friends from Denmark, Nat, Jacob and May, have a laugh about it and move on.

Petrina and I went out for Valentines and ate the toughest steak ever in one of the many restaurants that play episodes of Friends over and over or Family Guy. It's funny you can walk down the the street and hear people everywhere discussing episodes of Friends.

Anyway, must dash.

Much love C & P xx

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