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Italian cooking class





My very own personal sized home made terimisu

Mom making her terimisu

View from our hotel


Sunset at dinner

After another long day of traveling by train and having my bum grabbed by an Italion boy and my mom catching a pickpotter in the act we made it to Sorrento. The hotel is nice but they nickel and dime you for everything. That night we went to dinner where the host wispered in my ear that he can be my desert and wants to open me like a book. GROSS. The waiter told my mom that I was beutiful and brought me a free order of fench fries. Thought it odd that he would bring me french fires but I guess it was nice.

This day we went to a cooking class. It was tuns of fun! We learned how to make homemade ravioli with four cheeses, sause, fish poached in lemon and personal sized tiramisu for desert. I cant wait to go home and make it!

Today we went to Pompeii which is the city that was baried in vocanic ash in 71AD and exsited for 200yrs BC. It was very facinating how much of the city still excits and finding out the way of life back then. They even had real casts of people with there bones that were on display, frozen in time from when they were covered in ash. Freaky, sad adn cool all at the same time.

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