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Here we come

Factory with sign on lawn

Kisses Kisses Kisses

Chunks of cocoa

chocolate butter

End of the show

Please, can I have this

We drove up to Hershey, Pa to visit the chocolate place. Couldn't tour the actual factory; they have an area that shows the process - reminded me of "It's a Small World". Was interesting but sure missed the fact not in the actual factory. Also, had a big "store" for Hershey items, food and gifts (shirts, cups, caps, you name it and they had it. They also had a car show going on - one of the largest in the world they said. It was for antique cars - parts, license plates, manuals, cars, so much stuff. Said they had people that came from all over the US and world. Big food area too, and didn't see any kettle korn any where. They must not know what it is back here. And, no, didn't get the 5 lb Hershey bar. Sure thought about it though but decided it might not make it back home without turning white. Oh well, maybe next time!

Next stop is Washington, DC.

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