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Yacht Club Suez

Public Beach at Suez

Lars and I outside the Summer Palace

Jennifer at Suez Yacht Club and ship going through canal in background

Girl selling mangoes at Suez

Hurgharda to Port Suez 6th July to 9th July

We had a change of crew in Hurgharda. Aneilie left the boat and three new people joined the boat. Gem, 46 originally from Turkey living in Berlin, Malcolm, 59 from the UK and Gabriella, 38 from Sweden. So now we are back to seven.

After restocking the boat in Hurgharda we set sail about lunch time for the wreck of the Thistlegorm, sunk by long range bombers from German Occupied Crete. Her deck cargo and hold was full of trucks and motorbikes and is all there. For the divers it was fabulous. It was too deep to see with a snorkle. Finished the day at Shadwan Island for some snorkling before anchoring at Endeavour Harbour for the night.

On the 8th we snorkeled and dived off two different reefs. The second reef had a pod of resident dolphins which we all found fascinating. At eight pm we set out on a night motor due to strong headwinds towards Port Suez, 150 nautical miles to the north. The wind built through the night and at times our speed was only 1 knot! It was quite nerve wracking as there was so much traffic in the shipping lanes and many oil platforms to avoid. One night became a second night and we motored into Port Suez about 2 pm.

We had not stopped at Port Suez on the way down so it was good to go ashore and explore. The town does not get many tourists so we were a novelty. The people are pretty traditional and it was rare to see an unveiled woman. I think we only saw one apart from us and I think she was Indian!

We found a little hotel, The Summer Palace, near the yacht for a beer overlooking the bay leading into the canal. There was a public beach just in front which made for good viewing. The women go swimming in all the gear including headscarf! They just use their street clothes. Must be very uncomfortable!

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