Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Max at our pretty campsite with view of the lake

Marina and boat storage

Big ol' fishing lake

What a nice campground. We decided we would stay here for a few days before heading on to Mississippi. It was a good thing we decided to stay - I got pretty sick. Got some kind of blood infection. However, even that turned out to be an adventure!

David asked at the campground office for a doctor or clinic. We were told to go to Rains Family Healthcare in Emory, Texas, that the doctor there was 'pretty good'. The clinic was a Rural Health Clinic. The clinic was very clean, big with large rooms and examining rooms. The doctor walked in dressed in cowboy boots, jeans with a BIG belt buckle and a cowboy shirt. He shook David's hand, then my hand. He then told me, you have (I will spare you the details), and that's gonna kill you. David told him, "I was kinda hoping you could fix her."

Short version, he gave me 600 mg shot of something - then a prescription for 500 mg pills. He was really a very nice doctor. It just was a little different from what we are used to with Orlando doctors. His prognosis was that I would 'get better', but if I didn't to see my own doctor when I got home. Obviously, I didn't die, I did get better, and I am seeing my doctor here at home. It was quite a different experience with a slow-talking cowboy doctor - David said he bet the doctor had blue-tick hounds.

I did get to enjoy one day of the pretty campground. The RV park has a family pool and adult pool, two pavillions, a marina on a big fishing lake, a soccer field, basketball court, horshoes, canoes, a driving range, several picnic areas on the lake and a chapel. David was a sweetheart and did laundry for us while I slept most of three days. If it were closer we would plan to go back and spend a week there.

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