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Thatching the roof


Henley Bridge

Temple Island

Definately the posh part of town!! The mansions are huge.

And the people speak with a plum in their mouth!!

Every mooring spot is charged £10 per 24 hours.

These pics were taken on the way down from our mooring spot last night which we were also charged £10 for the night (apparently because it was at the lock)

River rules are quite different from Canal rules.

We paid our Enviornment Authority Fee this morning -the charges are made by square metres of your boat (length x width). For 1 day the cost for us is £73 for 7 days it's £136. So we got a week's worth and are taking our time to get down to the final lock before the entrance to the Grand Union Canal. There is still one lock ahead of us that is closed for maintenance until the 1st March. So hopefully they finish on time and we can get off the river.

Once tied up in Henley we went off to find the casualty dept at the local hospital. Yesterday, Tony fell down the engine room steps and made quite a gash in his leg, so we did a temporary repair until we could get it seen to. They patched him up quite well and then we were on our way again.

Here's another lovely patch of crocus.

Not one of the most significant bridges we've come across.

Henley is famous for it's annual regatta - boat races etc.

This temple is at the start of the Regatta course, a mile and a half downstream from Henley, and you can book it exclusively for up to 40 guests.

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