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Had breakfast at Dan and Devon's house so I could see their four week old baby before I left town. - One life ends- another begins!

My drive to Detroit took longer than usual - was everyone on vacation this week? Lots of traffic and tons of construction zones.

Spencer greeted me with a big hug and then we talked for a long time. I ate a couple of pieces of pizza, went through all my mail, and then made arrangements to fly to the Berkshires on Wednesday to spend time with my sisters. We need to go through Mom's things, empty her apartment at the assisted living facility and discuss details for the memorial service.

When I was young I thought my family would be together forever. I thought my friends would always be around . I went merrily on with daily life. Oh sure - I said "I love you" , I sent the Hallmark cards for birthdays and special occasions but after losing my Dad I realized that you can't put off telling people what's in your heart. My Mom was one of the beneficiaries of this enlightenment. She knew I thought she was a great Mom and when I told her so what did she say in response? "It was easy - you were such a good daughter"- That sums up my Mom!

Tom was the center of my universe and, like most happily married spouses, he knew the depth of my love. My sons are so special - and I tell them so. I treasure my family and friends - and I tell them so. I want everyone to know what they mean to me while we are alive .

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